Among many things our character shows who we are and what we really believe.  It shows whether or not one can trust us and what we have to say; Whether or not they can take the advice we give.  Our character speaks louder than our words.  We can tell others about Jesus and our walk with Him, and as the popular song says we can even "shout it out loud" but if we hide things, and if we are not honest, our character says we are not trust worthy and people will not believe what we say; they will believe what they see.  We can lay hands on people in public or pray for the sick all day long.  We can even do it with a sincere desire to see them healed, and those people may say, "They are so bold, they have so much faith, what a great guy/girl;" but if behind closed doors; when we think noone is looking and noone will find out, we decide to do things that we know we should not, things that we said we would not do, our character says we are a deciever.  God desires to see a people whose character matches their mouth.  Let us be the people God is looking for.  Let's let our character line up with our mouth, with our actions in public, with the word of God and the word we love to speak to others.   Let our character "shout it out loud!" Let's be men and women of integrity, of character, of God. 

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