Sometimes silence is the best weapon.  Other times however to be silent is to be defeated!  I was told recently not to allow the prophetic voice in me to be silenced.  I understood that today.  My weapon is the word of God - SPOKEN!  If I allow doubt, fear, weariness and what I see with my natural eyes to push me down and silence me I have been defeated already.  I will not see what God has promised me and I will fall further into dispare.  Rise up!  Do not be silent.  When it is so very hard to even lift your voice to a whisper, make yourself SHOUT your declarations according to the word of God given to you.  Do not let the enemy win.  Do not let the enemy tie you down by putting a gag over your mouth.  Don't let him make you watch him take your stuff while you are bound.  Break free from his oppression and lies by using your voice to prophecy into your situation.  Prophecy over your people.  In other words declare the word of the Lord over them and watch the enemy be defeated right before your very eyes!  Watch the salvaton of Lord come to your rescue.  Watch the impossible turn into reality.  Believe for the unexpected.  Believe for the completely impossible and uterly ridiculous.  Pick up your sword; the word of God and cut the enemy's head off with it. God's word can . . .

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3/5/2011 05:45:01 am

such great motivation and this gives me all the confidence i need to speak out!!!!

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