It occurred to me this morning as I was making a comment and expressing my desire for the church; the body of Christ to wake up, that people are awakened in different ways.  The Holy Spirit reminded me that in the natural, some people are awakened abruptly, as when a parent awakens their teenager who has overslept and is going to be late for school.  That child may find himself with a pillow up-side the head and a shout from across the room, "WAKE UP", causing him to be jolted out of his slumber and out of his bed.  Then there are others who are awakened gently, slowly and patiently with, "Time to wake up honey.  It's a beautiful day.  Come on sweetheart time to wake up."  Spiritual awakening is happening and it is happening in much the same way that it does in the natural.  The Lord may awaken some abruptly and it could look like they just got a pillow up-side the head; while others He is awakening gently, slowly and patiently.  They are those whose speech is still a little slurred, whose vision is still a little blury and whose actions are a little clumsy.  So, when I don't see those that I have been praying for, immediately jump up out of their spiritual slumber, I need not get frustrated and throw a pillow up-side  their head or yell, "WAKE UP!"  I cannot let it cause me to doubt that awakening is even happening.  I just need to wait patiently for their full awakening; when their eyes will see clearly, their speech will be sweet and their actions will gracefully reflect the image of Christ.  Like Christ I wait patiently, yet eagerly for those who are waking up and I join Him in saying to them, "Time to wake up.  It's a beautiful day.  Wake  up."
3/7/2011 11:18:34 am

... man, if i could only be graceful, i'd be the type to take pots and pans and spoons of all kind and run through the house yelling "WAKE UP" as if it were Christmas or something!!

caitlin buhler
8/1/2011 09:16:35 am

moma you remind me so much of Lisa bevere in this blog. NO joke!!


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