9/24/2010 03:30:52 pm

Hmm.... A Christian is a person who has accepted the gift Jesus gave us by dying on the cross to forgive us for all the crap we have done and do.

A person who steps out in child like faith and believes Jesus is God's son, He died on cross and rose again 3 days later. We confess our sins to him, turn from them, ask him to set us free. He does that!!!!!

It's more than a prayer of words, it's a heart thing. Then it's a relationship.

If it's a prayer of word's and NO CHANGE in their life... then maybe it was words and not real faith, belief and submission of the spirit in the person to let Jesus be their Lord.

Jesus is like a parent and a best friend.... He never leaves us! It's not a bunch of religon.... It's a bunch of relationship!!!!! He wants us to love Him and Spend Time with Him!!!!!

However, A Christian is a person that is not perfect. They are imperfect... That means even knowing and doing all the stuff I said above... It's by Grace that we are Christians and when we mess up, do stuff we shouldn't and even hurt other peoples feelings.... that's wrong... so we have to say Jesus, man I love you and I'm sorry please forgive me and He does. Then we should ask the same of the ones we hurt to forgive us

Wow that's a lot but that's a BIG question! Hope that helps!

Christians should set the example and do what's right!! But that's not always the case. All people fall short and do things they shouldn't..... Thank God for GRACE!!!!


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