My cry


Lord pull me out of the mire and muck of mediocrity, brush me off and set me ablaze.  Put a torch in my hand that I might spread your fire everywhere and run the race that you have put before me.  Let me be counted with those who have laid down their lives for you.  Let be counted amongst those who are the great cloud of witnesses.  I can't settle for less God.  My heart aches for you.  Let me please you my King with every aspect of my life.  My heart is an open book to you God.  See if there be any wicked way in me and show me so I can know.  Strip me God of all that does not reflect you.  For you are my desire.  Don't let me fool myself and only worship you with words yet my heart be far from you. I want to see you face to face.  I do not want to be like people Jesus.  I want to be like you; completley given to your Father.  I want to be completely given to you.  My desire is for you my Fire.  I choose the fire.  I choose you oh Lord.  You are an all consuming fire.  I get to be in the fire.  I get to be in the Fire.  Fiery love.  Consume me with your fire.
Recently the Lord asked me "What do you see when you look into the face of a lion?"

I see power, grace and beauty and I wonder what he's thinking. 

God replied: His eyes are steadfast on you.  Watching you and watching over you.  You are his posession.  He defends the weak.  He is the glory of the pride.  He is immovable; unshakable; umtamable.  He is obedient to who he is.  He cannot be anything but a lion.  A lion is swift."

Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah and I believe He was speaking of Himself in this conversation.  His eyes are steadfast on you.  Watching you and watching over you with the same passion and fierceness you can see on a lions face.  We can learn alot about God through the lion.   

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